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Michiko Suzuki: Flicker of Life


I've written about my friend and fellow printmaker Michiko Suzuki several times here but I missed telling you about her most recent solo exhibition Flicker of Life ~ Selected Works (1993 - 2008) held at the Penticton Art Gallery in Penticton, BC. She now has a lovely slide show of it that I think you will enjoy, just click on slide show. What a beautiful space and Michiko's work looked fantastic there!

Also, you may like to read her exhibition statement on the gallery's site.

And here's more about Michiko in my earlier posts:

August 2004

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September 2006

October 2006

April 2008

(UPDATE April 8th, 2009: The link to the slide show is now fixed. Please try it and let me know if there are still any problems viewing it. Thanks to J for spotting the error!)

UPDATE August 3rd, 2012: The exhibition is now also viewable in video.

Marja-Leena | 06/04/2009 | 19 comments
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These look great.

I couldn't see her slide show, though. The Sky Drive link you gave announced (to me anyway) that it was missing.

Bill, that's odd. Alternatively, if you click on one image, did it get bigger and then allow you to manually see each image one by one?

I want to thank you for you made graet job on your blog! I am very appreciate about that. It looks great!
About slide show:it made done by windows live messenger system on Japanese side.I am sorry about that. You can see Japanese Language on the near of slides top. there are 6 some Japanese language tag line up in there. You just click on the 3rd tag from left side. You can soon see slide show. I wonder help something for you? Anyway, thank you again. Michiko Suzuki

The prints look extraordinary. The link to her slide show took me to a sign-in page for Windows Live. Without consulting my ID expert (my husband) I shall not sign on just yet.

Isn't that a Freudian slip! I meant IT expert - although he is the one I consult about my ID online also.

Michiko, thanks for writing in! It's strange that some people have a problem with the slide show link for I get it when I click on the link then 'slide show'. Anyway, I hope the other method you mention works as an alternative option. It's such a beautiful presentation!

Olga, your comments came in just as I was responding to Michiko's. Bill seems to be having the same problem. Can you follow what she suggests and does it work for you? (My husband is my IT expert too though my daughter is the blog code expert.)

PS I checked this out again and the link does not go to a page with any Japanese on it, unlike the email Michiko sent me. Hmmm... this is a puzzle. I wonder if we are even seeing the same page. Do you see the words 'Download zip file' above the small still photos? That works for me too.

When I clicked on the embedded link, I was directed to a Windows live sign-in page, as well. That took me to a page which showed a folder icon, but clicking on the folder brought up the message that the folder was empty.

I will try again.

Hmmm...same response. I will check here again, in case someone finds a solution.


Martha, I'm so sorry, I don't understand why it works for me and not for you and others. Michiko's tips don't work either. Maybe my daughter can figure it out after work tonight. If so, I'll update the link. Maybe you have to be invited or registered (dang MS!).

The slide show came right up for me with no problems. Hmmm. Please tell Michiko-san for me, Sugoku suki deshita! Inshou shimashita.

Rouchswalwe, thanks!

It really is a beautiful show with extraordinary images only improved by their size. Please offer Michiko my congratulations and admiration.

Susan, thank you! I wish you could see her work in real life.

Oh, that I lived near enough to visit the gallery in person! Was able to view the photos of her exhibition - such lovely work. There were many I would have enjoyed sitting in front of for several minutes, just contemplating.

Martha, I'm glad you were able to enjoy Michiko's work!

I came back today determined to find my way through, and lo it popped up ok first go. Wondrous work. I particularly love the monochromes, and the look of the concertina book. Thank you so much Marja-Leena for giving us the opportunity to see the work.

This work looks fantastic.

Olga and Beth, I"m glad you enjoyed!