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Marja-Leena | 29/09/2005 | 3 comments
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Good one, Marja-Leena, how right you are!

Although, Tracey Enim's urine-stained, unmade bed in a recent Turner Prize exhibition in London, which sadly burned later to great amusement of her opponents in art, are difficult for an accidental art observer like me to take in as art.

But then, it must be difficult even for artists (or art critics) to determine "safely" what exactly is "art".

Hi hanhensulka! I've enjoyed this little cartoon for some time on my fridge door, and finally thought of sharing it. It has humour yet is serious too. It certainly addresses the dilemma for everyone, whether or not they are educated art viewers. Your example of Emin's work is certainly a good one, it really challenges our preconceptions of what art is. A part of me thinks work like that is more shock than art. Conceptual art seems to be more about the ideas than the image, don't you think?

yes, conceptual art is more about ideas, which is what (hopefully) makes it interesting. the tracey emin thing though - i remember seeing that and thinking that the bed wasn't such a big deal but the suitcase next to it, wrapped up in chains with a padlock, now THAT was intersting. to me, it could have been shown on its own, and would not have needed anything in terms of explaination as the statement, to me, felt so powerful. but there ya go. i guess it's all in what connects with the viewer. that certainly connected with me.

by the way, nice design change on the blog.