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Modern Finnish Ruins

Photo: Air raid shelter of Rettig, Turku, Finland - Tuomas Romu

"Abandoned buildings, derelict factories filled with incredible old machines sitting alone in the dark halls with their power turned off for good, or nearly collapsed sawmills rotting silently away in the forest, being reclaimed by nature are the best, most authentic and interactive museums of industrial archaeology and local history.

For several years I have searched, explored and photographed these ruins of the modern world, the slow deterioration and decay of forgotten space. This site is a collection of information and photographs of such places."

These are not the scenes of the beautiful Finland I know. Each black and white photo of a ruin in Tuomas Romu's gallery opens to a series of more exploratory photographs in colour. These gorgeous photos find beauty even in dying buildings and abandoned mines, even in their eeriness.

(Thanks to Finland for Thought for the link.)

Marja-Leena | 31/08/2006 | 2 comments
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These are wondrous - thank you!

I particularly like those of the Kujanpää family estate, including abandoned domestic interiors and artefacts and documents left in the house. Incredibly beautiful and haunting, and captured with a wonderful balance, I thought, of enough artistry to convey their delicate beauty, but not too much, so the sad dirt and collapse was strongly evident too.

Jean, that is a lovely one, so much more personal than the factories, sawmills etc.! Considering that have been exploring and meditating on your own ancestors on your blog, I can see how this one really touches you. It's so much more real than a museum, isn't it, when it's all left in the dirt and weathering away over time?