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Mohsen Khalili's monoprints

Today I happened to meet Mohsen at the studio and we showed each other our websites. I have seen him at work on his monoprints but he also does paintings and sculpture. To me, his monoprints are very moving, sometimes deeply disturbing yet always beautiful with a bittersweet quality. So, I am thrilled to see his work online and suggest you have a look. Do read his artist's statement, it is poetry in prose.

Marja-Leena | 04/03/2004 | 3 comments
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How wonderful to see a link to Mohsons web page on your site! It was great to see a number of his latest sculptures as well as his paintings and prints. Thank you as well, for the diverse and intriguing variety of information you've chosen to include on your site. I had not known of the Kakevala until you mentioned it in the studio and am happy to learn more on these web pages.


Thanks Bonnie for the great comments! This is a great way to share some of my interests and various bits of information gleaned here and there. I am also learning a lot as I wander around the web.


thank you very much marjaleena for doing this.mohsen