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Bewitched by a bank of golden witch hazels


Captivated by the scent of viburnum bodnantense


Delighted by the humble English lawn daisy

Marja-Leena | 06/02/2010 | 7 comments
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Oh what lovely color. Unfortunately, the scent I just have to imagine. :)

Are these current pix? Is it already spring in Vancouver?

Maria, until there's a way of sending scents over the 'net, imagination will have to do. :-)

Hattie! I was just reading your blog when your comment came in! Yep, these pictures including the last post are current - it's spring in Vancouver! We were out gardening again on Saturday, removing dead tops and uncovering new green growth. Still much to do, so soon already.

You're further north but spring there is further advanced or maybe it's the fact we live at an elevation 500' higher than the rest of Portland. The pictures are very beautiful and it's easy to imagine the scent.

Susan, we're close to sea level here, that could be the difference. The top two photos were taken higher up though, I'm not sure of the elevation. Also, I think we're closer to the sea than Portland, aren't we?

I'm longing for pink blossoms. I'm just so sick (in body and soul) of winter.

Bee, odd how the weather patterns have gone so lopsided. Wishing you spring flowers soon!