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Marja-Leena | 21/03/2011 | 12 comments
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Amazing patterning...

like moths, or snowflakes, or ghosts...

We used to say in school, "There's a fungus among us." We get a lot of fungi too.

Thanks all! When I first spotted these frilly white things on a broken tree branch lying on the ground, I didn't know what they were, looking sort of like a patch of white frilly flowers.

Clouds settled on a weird sea. Fairy boats will be out soon.

Marly, I love the words you put to my images, just perfect!

The top one looks like sea foam to me. The fairy boats are lovely and fresh.

Susan, your mental images sound delightful as well. Thanks again for your ever faithful visits!

Ah, that's good! Sounded a little Japanese, didn't it?

Marly, yes, you are right now that you mention it! Suddenly I can visualize a Japanese woodcut or sumi painting.....

Came back to look at the first one. Definitely needs a hokku/haiku.

Marly, I'd love a hokku/haiku from you! I've had some commenters do that here occasionally in some past posts. Then there were some collaborations on the Ekphrasis series in qarrtsiluni plus Dave Bonta's Postal Poetry for a while. Not being a poet myself it was a delight to have my images inspire poetry!

(By the way, hokku is a new word for me - another name for haiku?)