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Thinking about witchy trees has been making me see even witchy seeds.

Last Thursday at dusk, before it was fully dark we were stunned by a huge bright full moon and it's sparkling reflection over the water. Was it that bright moon that woke me about 3 am and had me wandering through the house spellbound by the bands of moonlight shining across the floors? Outside was bright with a cool light and a sparkle of a light frost on the deck railings... the first frost. What spirits kept me awake? Making yet another cup of herbal tea in the kitchen still later, a very bright light in the eastern sky caught my eye. At first I thought it was an airplane coming in, but it did not move and was non-twinkling and too big to be a star, so it had to be a planet. Yes, the net told me it's Venus and this full moon was actually the Hunter's Moon! What witchiness to keep me awake to watch the moonlight and planet light merging into the slow return of daylight and a spooky fog rolling in.

Marja-Leena | 28/10/2007 | 11 comments
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witchy seeds at dusk
under a huge bright full moon
sparkling in water

Ah, more haiku. What a wonderful way to comment, Olivia! You will be interested to know that Dave at Via Negativa has declared that he will write haiku for all his comments on other blogs for a week.

I love writing haiku, Marja-Leena. They are so expressive, using only a minimum of words. I am glad you enjoy them, too.

You must have been up at the witching hour, or I guess a bit later since daylight was approaching. Nice finds! I haven't seen natural witchiness here, but the neighborhood kids (and perhaps some adults) have been decorating their yards with skulls and giant spider webs and so forth quite nicely. I've been out too late to photograph them, alas, but then they wouldn't be quite so spooky in daylight. Ah, if only I were willing to wander the neighborhood some foggy daybreak... :-)

I was awake from 3 am until late that day!
Feeling a a bit witchy, I'd say.
Not up to walking out in the fog
Maybe if I had a great big dog.

(Sorry, it's bad :-))

Marja-leena: what kind of seeds are these? A friend gave me a thorny seed pod of a datura or jimson weed. Your seed pods sure look like them:
She has a bunch more for me. They are dried, and I thought I might use them in a mixed media piece.

Hi Jackie, you're right. The lower image is of a datura seed pod that's burst open. I didn't know you could dry them and not have them burst, must try that next year! Here's another photo of the spiny pod, and here's my giant datura plant in case you didn't see them. The other photo above is of a species of clematis, yellow tangutica(?) that leaves behind these interesting swirly puffs. Anyway, how are you doing? You haven't been blogging for a while.

Marja-leena: well, the datura pods my friend gave me had burst - but that makes them all the more interesting! As long as I don't go spreading a trail of seeds...the things seem to take to soil fairly easily, my friend says.

I've been working on my big commission, plus a mini-sale that takes place tomorrow. I'll be posting some photos of the new pieces soon. I have also been struggling to breath...with a bad head cold.

Happy Dia des los Muertos today!

Jackie, sorry to hear about your cold - get better quick! But you've been busy! I look forward to seeing your new pieces.

Well, I'm late doing the rounds, but enjoying all your witchy images none the less for it.

MB, glad you enjoyed them and it's never too late! (Though commenting gets turned off on older posts to reduce spam).