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A productive six hours in the studio. Now back home with a nephew who's just arrived on a short annual vacation from his teaching job in Korea. Tomorrow he goes on to Vancouver Island to see his parents, sister and friends. A visit as brief as the morning mist.

Marja-Leena | 02/11/2010 | 7 comments
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Lovely shot, Marja-Leena. Great capture.

There's something about silver light that beats crimson and gold. Mystery.

Leslee, thanks!

Joe, silver light, yes, and so ephemeral.

That's a magical picture.

Susan, thanks. It sure was a magical sunrise.

beautiful morning. the sun has moved over so quickly from where it was when we were there. x

Elisa, yes, it does that so fast in the fall, doesn't it? We're still getting some early morning and late afternoon sun streaming into the house for a little while, but so much less sun in our yard now with all the big trees on our south side.