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morning snow


a lovely scene to awaken upon


catching falling snow


snow lace on skylight and a paper snowflake

while writing here
the piano is being tuned in the next room
with curious girls watching
looking forward to violin/piano duets Christmas Eve

Later: mountains on fire:



Marja-Leena | 18/12/2012 | 8 comments
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ein Wunderland!! I'll be listening to a performance of Hänsel und Gretel (alas, not live) on the 24th. I'd love to be a little fly on the wall and listen in on the duets!

Rouchswalwe, yes, such a wonderland. It's been melting but we may be getting quite a bit more overnight with a weather warning! Hope we can get out tomorrow to get all the holiday food and baking supplies.

Our 12 year old granddaughter will play violin accompanied by our youngest daughter on the piano, and maybe the eldest too will try.

So very beautiful, Marja-Leena! You've captured and shared a lovely visual stillness, even though I can hear the sounds of the piano-tuner too!

Beth, thank you. I do love snow, it's not only visually still but aurally too, as if the world is holding its breath. We don't get much here usually so it's perfect for putting us into the Christmas spirit. (I'm listening to old Bing Crosby carols while writing this - corny!)

The fact I almost forgot to scroll down would have meant me missing these lovely and serene images. They're very beautiful as are your plans for Christmas. I know your holidays will be wonderful simply because you're so deeply in touch with the Spirit of Christmas.

The old songs remain closest to that ideal.

Susan, I've been wondering about the wisdom of putting a later post below the scroll. Thanks for your always kind comments. I hope your Christmas is a lovely one.


We have about 15-20 cm of snow by now, it has been snowing off and on for weeks. For Christmas it got fast colder, as we're getting our ordinary Siberian weather landing on us like every winter.

This morning the temperature was -15 C, but as the balcony door and downstairs windows have gaps (and the cold air blows into the room) it was probably in reality more near -20 C. Usually we get that cold at the end of January.

Your snow landscapes are so beautiful! And yet the mountains on fire! I hope you enjoy the music program arranged to you by the grand daughters! Our grand daughters come maybe about in a week, as the school holiday continues.

Marjatta, I do envy you having a white Crhistmas, though not those cold temperatures. We grew up in Winnipeg where it could get as cold as -30 to -40 plus wind, same in northeast BC so we know what that is like!

Last week's snow disappeared in a day here, though it was heavier and stormier in other areas of the city, causing falling trees and power outages. Our snow here is too wet and heavy for the trees.

So, have a wonderful Christmas week and enjoy your family when they come!