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We had a warm sunny day today, almost blindingly bright after a long spell of gloomy rain. The beauty of the fall colours in the trees lining many of Vancouver's older streets gave me great pleasure as I headed for an appointment. Back to rain tomorrow, but then it looks like we'll have several sunny days so maybe I'll get some of my fall gardening jobs done after all.

Along with today's sunshine, I've been deeply moved by some exceptionally beautiful writing and images:

- Dave Bonta thinks profound thoughts while out walking

- Another glorious cycle of sonnets in the Handbook for Explorers written by Joe Hyam with photographs by Lucy Kempton

- Beth's rich descriptions of a day in Montreal when she realizes "I was home".

- The rich jewel-like colours in Tracy Helgeson's paintings.

- Sadness that the Giornale Nuovo is quitting after five years of blogging. Thank you for giving us so much beauty and knowledge, misteraitch.

Marja-Leena | 23/10/2007 | 8 comments
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Autumn is such a beautiful time! If it has a touch of melancholy to it, that only makes its fleeting colors more precious. I am so happy to be back in the north where I can revel in the fall rainbow.

Oh, good luck with some sunshine this week. We are now getting your weather!

Thanks for the link, Marja-Leena. I wouldn't say those were particularly profound thoughts - though they might be deep in something else!

Hi Kate! Fall IS lovely and usually I love it. I'm enjoying the sun at last.

Leslee, thanks. Sorry it's come your way.

Dave, you're welcome and don't be so modest! Oh, and I don't think I thanked you for adding me to your Smorgasblog a little while ago!

white shells and dark pebbles
covered with red maple leaves
an image of fall

Another little poem! Thanks, Olivia. I hope your fall is still lovely.

What a glorious wander I've had from your links, and thence from Dave's. All very humbling and wonderful. Thanks for that to 'Explorers'.
I love the mixture of pebbles and shells and maple leaves.

Lucy, I'm glad you enjoyed the wander, as I have. The image is of a planter in my garden that surprised me with it's own artful scatter of Japanese maple leaves.