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As a lover of opera and all things Finnish, I'm surprised and thrilled by today's post on ionarts "Music in Finland". Charles Downey writes about how active opera is in Finland today as well as its history: "It took the Finns a while to create their own national opera", but now "Finland is probably the leading country for the production of new operas".

I'm pleased also at the mention of Karita Mattila, a wonderful singer and actress, whom we were very fortunate to see in concert here in Vancouver about a year ago.

Charles Downey teaches music and art history in Washington, DC and his blog reflects his excellent knowledge and passionate interest in these subjects. My own music knowledge is spotty so there is a wealth of information here that I will be poring over.

Virtual Finland, by the way, is an excellent site on everything about Finland, that I go back to frequently and have linked to before in certain posts.

PS. Note my comment on the Finnish language as being Finno-Ugrian not Magyar. See these pages.

Marja-Leena | 20/08/2004 | 2 comments
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Thank-you. I have really enjoyed a long browse through Virtual Finland, a country about which I know too little and now know a little more. The descriptions of social life - families, couples -show the same evolution taking place all over Europe.

Reading about 'famous Finns' gave me a great subject for an interesting post.

And we enjoyed the Runebergin tortut that I made from the recipe section this week-end!

I'm pleased you like Virtual Finland and that it has proven to be a resource for you, for blog & kitchen! I haven't had a Runeberg tart since I was a child, even though it's in my Finnish cookbook.