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Silent Messengers: Writing-on-Stone III
archival inkjet and collagraph
76.2 x 50.6 cm.

I'm excited and happy to announce my slide show gallery** of print works is finally online. I believe it makes viewing my work much easier and more pleasant than clicking on the individual entries in the blog archives. I hope you agree! Long time readers may have already seen most of my work, except for the last five pieces in the Silent Messengers series. Subtitled Writing-on-Stone, they appear in the beginning of the slide show.

I'll be adding lots more selections from the older series, so please check back again from time to time. The 'gallery' link is up on the top left area of this blog.** As for the current print series I'm working on, I'll announce when I have some of them installed.

Being quite hopeless with web geekery, I'm hugely grateful to my graphic-designer-daughter Erika for researching different options and finding SlideShowPro, an easy presentation program to incorporate into the blog, then setting this 'gallery' up for me so that all I do is upload the images and information to it.

Related: This work was featured in qarrtsiluni, as written here.

**Update May 3, 2012: the 'gallery' link has been removed. Work is in progress on a new one...

Marja-Leena | 14/05/2008 | 19 comments
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I've just viewed the Silent Messengers slide show. Seeing the whole series together, so well presented, was just beautiful and enthralling. I've recently been reading a philosophical piece about how much of an art work (if anything - since is not a work of art essentially material?) is conveyed by an online image of it. I don't know 'how much'. I've never seen your work except on line (I so wish I could). But I do get huge pleasure from viewing it here and certainly something powerful does come through to me.

Wow. Just finished looking at all the albums. I was particularly struck by the "Nexus" series and the use of the concentric circles (which of course are on your banner image too). What particularly struck me was being able to see the dimensions - so HUGE! Obviously we lose a lot admiring only a digitised version but it sure is better than nothing and the whole thing is beautiful and powerful.

Lovely work, Marja-leena! I especially love the Silent Messengers series and their flow and color. I'd love to see it all in person ... always the best way to view art!!

Stunning, Marja-Leena, and what an excellent way to view your work! Very impressive indeed and it certainly allows one to get a much better idea of the range and depth of your printmaking. I too wish I could see the originals but this is as close as possible to a live show.

Wow, thank you all for your generous responses. I'm so pleased that this slide show is working well as a reasonable substitute for a live show, much as I'd love to have you all see the real thing. Isn't the internet wonderful? I would not have imagined doing this 10 years ago.

Marja-Leena, this is great! It's wonderful to be able to see them in a larger format than your blog screen (though not as good as being able to see them in person, this helps alot!), and all together, and especially all of the details on size and materials. Still wish I could see them in person! But this is wonderful. Nice job with the slide program. :-)

Leslee, thanks so much, you are always very supportive!

That works really nice. I've seen most of these images before, but it was great to see them all together, in fairly high resolution. Pretty cool application.

Thanks, Dave. I'm pleased that you like this.

I'd love to see these in real life -- it's a different kind of experience -- but this is a wonderful addition to your website. I like being able to view the series together, how each piece informs another, with the information about each piece there. Nicely done!

MB, thanks, I'm glad. Maybe one day you can see these in real life.

Wow, congratulations to both you and Erika, Marja-Leena! What a beautiful, elegant viewer this is - and it showcases your work perfectly. I haven't yet looked closely at all the images but in the Silent Messengers series I especially loved #1, 7 and 15. Do you ever make smaller prints for sale? You might consider offering some on the web...this is such strong work.

I have spent some time viewing the slide shows.Thank you for them. They are very rewarding. I particularly like the last two, but in general, I find I Have an affinity with the fissures and patterns in stone and other materials, which clearly appeal to you, I too like to see figures and faces peer out at you from the past. But I may have told you that before.

This is simply marvelous and personifies your artistic talent in such an eloquent way. We have always thought that you would capture the years of your work with a 'flare' for all to enjoy. Our heartfelt congratulations Marja-Leena - it was certainly worth the wait and exceeds all our expectations!

Just wonderful, what a treat to sit back and let them unfold! It's a while now since I followed the sidebar links, and this was a stunning way to reacquaint with them, I feel I really got so much more out of it. I'll come back for another look soon!

Beth, thank you so much, I really appreciate these words from you, who has always been so supportive and encouraging! All my work is for sale. A few of my works are small, most are medium sized, some larger.

I don't agree with making 'copies' of the originals to sell like some people do; to me it's inherently dishonest. With printmaking, as you know, there are usually several prints, all originals of course, in an edition therefore they are usually less expensive than one-of-a-kind works. Where I've indicated a 'unique print', this means it is a one of a kind piece.

As for selling on the web, I'm still sitting on the fence about putting up a sale page, with something like PayPal. At present, I still rely on email inquiries from anyone interested in a possible purchase. I'd be very interested in feedback on this issue from others who have tried selling online!

I've probably given you far more information than you needed or asked for, but prompted by your question, I thought I'd offer this for other readers that might be interested, and bother to read these comments.

Joe - Yes, I know we have some similar likes just from reading your blog and seeing your photos, as well as some past comments here, I think, but it's still lovely to have your words appear here, thank you!

R & C, thank you both for your ever generous responses, and for your encouragement in getting this going!

Lucy, wow, thank you, I'm glad you enjoy this!

Sorry to be so late, but I must add my congratulations on the new website - full justice is now done to your work. The colours come over with increased vibrancy and the larger format gives the images greater presence. Marvellous..

Anna, thanks so much! I'm so pleased.