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found sitting in a tidal pool
on a beach in Pacific Rim National Park, BC
how I wanted to take it home
make a meditation pool for it in the garden
but 'twas way too big and heavy to move!

Marja-Leena | 13/02/2008 | 9 comments
themes: Canada and BC, Photoworks, Rocks


This is such a stunner! Yes to the contemplative still centre, and yet it also for me is reminiscent of sculpted bronze heads of warriors by Elizabeth Frink, and of the collaged Trojan warriors by Anthony Caro - and yet it was fashioned by the elements, random forces.

The art of photography brings us starkly to the realisation that human efforts have stiff competition! It is good that you have the photograph rather than the rock, which deserves to stay where it is developing.

Yes that's a little too big to move. Guess you'll have to visit it now and then.

Olga, thanks for your enthusiastic and articulate response. Yes, it really struck me at the time I spotted it that it looks like a sculpted bronze, not stone, because it's wet from sea spray and rain. I could not think of which specific artists it reminded me of so your references are interesting! Like many times before, I am amazed to my very core by the power of nature in carving, eroding and creating such beauty. That was the main theme in my Meta-morphosis series, and continues to still inform my work.

Cathy, yes, it probably weighs several tons! Can you imagine it being tossed and thus carved by the fierce Pacific waves, like the immense logs we saw? It might not be there the next time, and if it is, it will be different again.

oh I love this - I want to put my fingers in all those little craters...

Tall Girl, I wanted to do that too, but there was too much deep water around it!

Oh, I missed this during my visits here! How fantastic. I know the urge to bring such a thing home - but it's good to leave it there too, and share the photo instead.

Beth, I'm glad you came back and enjoyed this! I keep coming back to it myself...

That is indeed a beautiful and charismatic rock.

Charismatic? I like that description, Dave, thanks!