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Here she is 'dressed to the nines' for her ninth blog anniversary today, with a wish to extend warmest thank yous to all readers for your visits, comments, conversations and friendship over these years. Though I post less frequently I am still rather fond of this strange online combination of artist's diary, sketchbook, photo album, scrapbook and catch-all of impressions and inspirations found on the net. Most of all I value the human connections this medium has opened up, for it would not be as much fun to write to the void, would it? I sometimes wonder how long this blog and blogs in general will continue with technology changing so fast.

Also, can you believe it is already February? I once wrote:

"February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification..." and
"In Finnish, the month is called helmikuu, meaning "month of the pearl"; when snow melts on tree branches, it forms droplets, and as these freeze again, they are like pearls of ice."

There are no pearls of ice here right now but we do have little white buds of snowdrops peeping up above the dark damp soil in the garden. The days are getting longer. Spring cannot be far away. This cycle of the seasons is familiar and natural, a counterpoint to all this communication technology.

Added February 2nd: Speaking of pearls of ice, you must see these gorgeous photos by superb Finnish photographer Iines.

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Congratulations! Your blogging presence is and has always been one of the most perennially gratifying, loyal and consistent of all, not only in the lovely things you share here but in your generous and thoughtful visits and comments at other people's. Long may you continue, and I hope one day to meet you face to face!

Lucy has said everything I could have thought to say, only much better.

I will only say, in echo of her last sentence, Long may you run!

Congratulations. It seems like a long time but it probably went by quickly. I too wonder how long social media as we know it will last. I just blog, I don't tweet. There's not enough time in the day.

You are right: nine years seems a long time for this computer age - but long may your blog last. It brings much enjoyment.
I like your nine above. It has brought to my mind the warming smell of cinnamon. Happy anniversary!

Your blog is wonderful. And you aren't so bad yourself. (:
Hope to see you in the spring. We'll be in Vancouver for a couple of days in May. I'll be in touch.

Lucy, thank you so much. I can say the same thing about you and your blog, which I've been so delighted to have gotten to know through blogging. Meeting in person is my hope too. When are you coming to Vancouver?

Martha, thank you. More like limping along rather then running...

Dolores, thanks, I'm so pleased to have 'met' you a few months ago. I too only blog, not tweet or facebook as I've not enough time.

Olga, thanks, we've known each other for quite some time and I enjoy our conversations about art. Oh my, I'm glad I've captured a sense of scent here too!

Hattie, thanks, my friend - look forward to seeing you in May!

Let me add my own note of congratulations for such a great anniversary. 9 years makes yours one of the originals and also one of the best in the truest sense of the blog ideal. I am most happy to know you.

Your number 9 at the top is lovely.

Oh, Marja-Leena, my dear blogging friend and wonderful artist, congratulations! Nine years. It does seem amazing, doesn't it? When I think of your blog I see many posts scrolling before me: your own artwork, petroglyphs, rocks, found objects, your own hands, and many shared memories about holidays, family, events in your life. I feel privileged and grateful -- thank you, and here's to many more years! (That is a lovely 9, too!)

Susan, you are always so kind and generous, thank you! We share the love of artmaking and blogging, don't we?

Dear Beth, you have been blogging almost ten years. I found your lovely blog soon after I started and you have since been an inspiration for me with your writing, music, art and publishing, and a friend too. Thank you for your lovely words and friendship - may we both keep on for many more years.

Congratulations. That nine is a worthy image of your endeavours.

Confetti! Thought I had already tossed a little confetti (and felt jealousy for snowdrops), but it seems not. Long may you post!

Marly, how I wish I could scatter that confetti across this page - thank you! Not to make you more jealous -- I was out in the garden yesterday, enjoying the sun and cleaning up leaves that were burying some of the snowdrops. They are suddenly in full bloom and such a delightful harbinger of spring. Wish I'd remembered to take the camera outside though I've posted many photos of them over the years.

Hurrah and Banzai on your ninth! A symphony of delights for the heart here in blogland. I have enjoyed your site immensely over the years and appreciate your visits so much. Thank you, dearest Marja-Leena!

Rouchswalwe, what a joyful greeting! Thank you for your long time support and friendship!

How wonderful to know that there have been nine years of art and sharing in this space! Congratulations! I am so glad to have "met" you here.

Jodi, thank you, and I'm so very pleased too to have met you and your lovely art. That was more recently which says something about still finding new friends, even while some old friends have quit this medium.

Another picture of snowdrops never goes amiss! XD

Marly, okay, will try on the next sunny day :-)

A belated Happy 9th Blogday to you, Marja-Leena! So wonderful to have you continue your presence online with your beautiful art and photos and thoughts. I love the Finnish photography of the ice drops - gorgeous. And amazed that you have snowdrops coming up already. We just heard of a predicted snowstorm coming up this weekend with a foot of snow - more than we've had in two years! Mixed blessing, interrupting plans (hopefully not power), but beautiful. We'll see if it comes or manages to veer out to sea...

Leslee, thanks for your wishes and kind words and many visits! We have 'known' each other for quite a few years, haven't we?

It wasn't very spring-like here late this afternoon and evening when it started raining and blowing heavily, while we became stuck in rush hour traffic coming home from a lunch engagement an hour from home. Hope that forecasted snowstorm passes you by or wimps out and turns out to be a pretty one.

Marja-Leena, I'm late as usual but not too late to congratulate you on this anniversary and wish you many more. What a beautiful image you've made to celebrate the event! What is the number 9 made of? A scarf?
I echo what everyone else has said - your blog is instantly welcoming, generous and abundantly creative. Not a false note anywhere - long may its quiet presence continue to glow.

Natalie, never too late, my dear fellow artist and even longer time blogger! Thanks for your generous words and wishes. The number does look like a scarf, yes. It is a cutout from a trial print and placed over another trial.