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Marja-Leena | 03/04/2009 | 18 comments
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Beautiful; most especially the first one, which looks like a silky, hairless caterpillar.

Exactly like a butterfly or moth, Marth is right. And there is something constructed about it too, as if it were about to become the roof to a tiny house, with its curl and its gorgeous decay.

Lovely. Hope this post gets through to you, Marja-Leena.

Cool! It seems almost synthetic, or like bent wood.

Fascinating responses, everyone! Do you know what leaf this is? These are scans of a leaf I trimmed off my strelitzia (bird of paradise) plant that was given to me over 15 years ago. Maybe it's really a banana plant for it's never bloomed for me. The leaf is about the length of my arm. Amazingly beautiful in the scan, it reminds me of heavy shiny silk that's been hand dyed. Instead of being the dying leaf... it's turning a new leaf here, eh!

Thanks Hattie for your concern. Our host server had updated something, which broke several blogs including mine for a day or so. They fixed it thankfully and all is well.

A butterfly wing came to my mind too. This scanner art of yours is superb...

Amazing how patterns form in decaying, as arrestingly as in living and flourishing plants.

Petrified wood somehow springs to mind. Quite arresting!

Very nice. Glad you're continuing to do scanner experiments.

I thought the top photo looked like a caterpillar also. Hope things are greening outdoors there, too!

Thanks all. Yes, I'm enjoying these scanner experiments. I should try printing some of these....

Leslee, suddenly it felt like summer today - up to 23C (73 F) this afternoon on our back deck. So nice to be outdoors, have doors and windows open to the fresh air and peel off excess layers of clothing after a long cold winter.

Birds of Paradise bloom like nobody's business on the California coast near San Francisco... in the yard... but the leaves aren't usually that long. So I'm guessing they want more sun, stretched over more time.

Anyway, what I really want to say is, "Oh, you've turned over an old leaf!"


99, yeah :-) I remember seeing these in LA on the boulevards! We don't get enough sun in the winter and summers are too short though I do keep it in the solarium (very cool in winter). I keep meaning to drag it outside but it's heavy and about 9 feet tall!

We had a nice bird of paradise in the yard, but there was too much stuff growing around it and it eventually stopped blooming, so we took it out. Now I have an artificial bird of paradise flower in my room that looks just like a real one, kind of garish and stiff.

Old but still glossy.

Hattie, why do you suppose it stopped blooming? I can't believe you'd need to have an artificial one when you live in Hawaii! More and more I think mine must be a banana plant, mislabeled....

Hi Hhb, the oldest leaves slowly start turning brown on the edges even while the centre is glossy green, don't know why even though it's watered regularly. Made for nice patterns to scan, eh.

So beautiful! My first thought was "caterpillar", too. I always love how closely you look at things, including their surfaces. It's a particular way of looking that helps me go closer and deeper, and not just get caught up in "what" something is.

Beth, how very well put, thank you! I do have the desire to look closer, which is why I love the scanner. I also would love a better macro lens for my camera.