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from cover of The God Interviews by Natalie d'Arbeloff

Natalie d'Arbeloff, artist, cartoonist, author of the amazing The God Interviews and blogger with alter-ego Blaugustine continues to inspire me with her colourful career and many talents, her humour and her energy. Recently she won a prize to be a guest editor for the Guardian newspaper's Women's section. Here's the first fabulous article she wrote: Where are all the older female geeks. As Natalie invites older women to take up blogging, I'm thrilled and honoured to be one of the listed bloggers; thank you, Natalie!

This week must be a very good one for older women bloggers, as I've also been mentioned by Virginia DeBolt at the BlogHer conference blog, thank you!

I'm looking forward to checking out the new blogs I've been introduced to by virtue of being in their company in this way, via these connections that are made and woven like a giant web. Like Natalie and Virginia and many bloggers, I am an ambassador of blogging, raving about its benefits and pleasures to everyone. Even after over four years of blogging, I've never thought of myself as a geek. Blogging software is enabling and easy after the initial learning curve if you are reasonably competent on a computer, plus I believe that a MAC is easier. I'm fortunate in having a couple of 'geeky' family members help me in getting started and with any rare problems that occur that I cannot handle.

If you are a new visitor here thanks to Natalie, the Guardian and Virginia, welcome! If you want to know more about why I blog, you may be interested in reading this interview. For a quick look at some of my art work, please visit the gallery**. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and I try to respond to each.

Finally, on the subject of older bloggers and issues of aging, I wish to point out Ronni Bennett's excellent and well-researched blog Time Goes By. Today I learn that she is now contributing occasional articles to the Wall Street Journal on the same subject!

UPDATE June 15th: Thanks to Erika's comment below, I'm eagerly checking out Came of Age Before Computers, a blog by Nancy Strider, an older female new media artist and geek! To quote her byline:

This website looks at some issues faced by "COABC's". These are elders, often our parents, who find themselves isolated on the other side of the digital divide because they came of age before computers. Nancy Strider examines the impact on daily life that results from lack of skills, access - or interest - in electronic tools like computers, email, and cell phones. She also makes positive suggestions for using the internet itself to facilitate a more lively engagement in the face-to-face world.

In contrast, I look at our granddaughters, 7 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old, who are already computer literate!

UPDATE Dec.30,2012 ** Link removed while my gallery is undergoing major renovation!

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Did I tell you about Nancy? She just graduated from Media at Emily Carr. Blog:

Marja-Leena, it's great to see my cartoon duo sitting on your lovely page. Both of them and I say thank you very much! I'm also happy to have discovered Virginia and BlogHer, thanks to your link.


Hip hip hooray, I'll check out Nathalie's article...

Erika, thanks for that link, just perfect for this discussion and one I'm already reading, and as you can see, I decided to highlight in an addendum to post!

Natalie, I'm very happy to be writing about this, inspired by what you have written! I learned this afternoon from one of my daughters that her friend who lives in London saw the article in the paper and recognized my name! It's a small world, isn't it, made smaller by blogs and social networks?

Black Pete, thanks! Same to you, as another older blogger, and on this Father's Day!

Rosie! Welcome and thank you for dropping by!

Lucy, thanks for the cheer! I think you will enjoy the article.

Hauska fontti, ehkä vähän vaikea lukea mutta kuitenkin :D

Hei sanoittaja! Hauska saada suomalaisia vieraita, tervetuloa! Puhutko tämän blogin fontista, vai jokin nuista linkatuista? Miksi se on vaikea lukea, ehkä se on liian pienellä? Itse suurennan milloin tarvitsen eri sivuilla. Muuten, minua kiinnostaa tietää miten löysit tänne? Nyt menen tutustumaan sivuillesi...