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a quintessential scene of summer made black and white becomes somehow both timeless and historical looking, like something found in old family albums

reminding me also of these images

Marja-Leena | 10/08/2011 | 13 comments
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Lovely. I have some photos, too, of our family at Golden Gardens, a beach in Seattle.
I hope your family is OK in suddenly dangerous England.

Wonderful photos, especially the second.

i was just thinking the same thing! only there was probably a pier going out somewhere around there.

thanks for thinking of us hattie! we are safe and well, though i'm not feeling eager to go out as i was. x

Hattie, both Seattle and Vancouver are indeed blessed woth lovely beaches. "Suddenly dangerous England"... really alarming, isn't it?

Jean, thank you, I thought of you and your own love of black and white photography.

Elisa, yes, just after I uploaded these, I thought of your earlier post of historical photos from the same area and just had to add it here. I'm sorry that London is feeling less comfortable right now. I bet you can hardly wait to move back into your country cottage.

Black and white works so much better than colour here. But it is also true that many people of our age remember their childhood seaside experiences with the help of photographs which were invariably black and white.

Like these--the glittering, the almost buried heads, the dashing boy, the dresses that make it feel more old-fashioned.

Joe, glad we agree on both fronts, though I think we age ourselves...

Marly, that glittery bright water and the dark figures are what inspired me to make these black and white. Actually the original photos were taken by my husband who doesn't mind sharing....

i ventured out today, and just like after the riot in vancouver, the city seemed so normal, perhaps slightly subdued but nothing noticeable really. i am very much looking forward to the cottage x

my childhood seaside is remembered with the help of magenta'd and yellowed photographs. x

Elisa, I'm glad things are calmer. It's sad that our old colour photos were unstable whereas the black and whites from decades ago are still good. Of course we weren't aware back then of things like acid free photo albums...

Lovely twinkly seaside light and movement, enhanced by the black and white, and very nostalgic, yes.

Lucy, glad you like!

Timeless images of childhood. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's journey to adulthood could be based in such a history?

Susan, yes, perhaps then there would be more happy people in this mixed up world, or is that naive of me?