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Too too busy** to write more about Gabriola Island's petroglyphs but I will as soon as able. Instead, here are a few of my favourite photos taken on the beach of Pilot Bay on Gabriola. I do love these amazing rocks!

** Family arrived safely from the UK yesterday, and tomorrow more family coming from the interior of BC...

Marja-Leena | 02/06/2011 | 16 comments
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Wonderful, beautiful pictures! Have nice summer days with your family!

Amazing photo's the rocks look like lace.

On another track, how are your box frames coming along, have you had any success?

i love these, so odd! x

Leena, thank you, kiitos!

Julie, I agree that those textures look like lace. Umm, I haven't been working with box or any frames for some time so I think you have me confused with someone else, an easy thing to do if you read as many blogs as I do!

Elisa, as you know, I've taken many photos of odd rocks in places like Hornby Island, but here I was struck by the number of round mushroom shaped ones, though still having the similar lace-like textures.

Those rocks look soft, as if we could plunge our hands inside and break them up!

If I were a child, I'd be setting up a little fantastic village under their shadow. Otherworldly.

Marly, yes, they do have that soft look, and yes, very otherwordly and village like. Isn't nature surprising?

Surprising and bountiful...

Speaking of bountiful, you must have an overflowing house now. Have fun!

Wow, I can see why you like these so much.

I'm glad to know your family arrived safely from England and that you'll all be together soon. Enjoy the best of times and may your weather be kind.

Wow, amazing photos of amazing rocks. enjoy your time with family. hope it's not as wet and dismal up there as it has been here in our part of California.

Marly, overflowing just a short while when eldest daughter and partner came for just one night and are off to a wedding today. We'll be seeing them again over the summer.

Susan and Maria, thanks! The weather has been weird. The day UK daughter and granddaughters arrived was lovely, then late afternoon and evening we had a huge heavy rainstorm with some thunder and lightning. The next day and today are sunny and warm, much appreciated after a wet dismal spring. Hope it lasts!

Very cool.

Dave, thanks for dropping by!

They seem so alive, their journey written all over them.

Zhoen, yes, well said! I often wonder how far across seas and land these rocks have gone through tortuous changes and travel.
(Thanks for including your blog link at last. It seems we frequent some of the same blogs so I have looked at your blog sometimes, and will do so more often now.)

I love those spongiform rocks! Have fun with the family.

Lucy, 'spongiform' rocks, that's a new one - I like it! Thanks, having fun with family, as well as working very hard in the garden now that the weather has been better at long last.