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More photos from a recent walk.... what can I say?

Somewhat related, from the archives: CARcass on shore

Marja-Leena | 11/01/2010 | 11 comments
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I too am always captivated by the close conjunction of straight and gnarled.

These are wonderful in their subtle gnarliness.

Very dynamic pictures. I love walking on beaches like that.

Very lovely photos - how I love those little elfin places between roots! (And I'm envious of your new lens.) Do show us more!

Dave, yes, contrasts like that make for interesting photos.

Maria, gnarls and textures are fascinating indeed.

Hattie, me too!

Beth, thanks, it is amazing how things will start to grow in the oddest places. This set of photos were actually taken with the little Lumix, rather than the Canon with the new lens. Fred and I were taking turns with the latter. Don't worry, I'm sure to be showing my attempts with the new lens, when they turn out! It is giving us more reasons to get out and take more photos, though the weather has not been too cooperative recently.

Your top photo looks uncannily like a felled beast - which I suppose it is. I find it an intriguing angle.

What an eye you have. You show us intricate, lovely details, things that enrich the world but are so often overlooked. You tell me I should look more closely. (And I, too, envy you that new lens)

Olga, that's what attracted me to it!

Anne, thank you! We do learn much from each other, don't you think?!

a little keyhole into mystery!

I can't believe it's been days since I last visited. It's always such a treat to see your beautiful photographs and these are no exception.

Taina, I like your description 'keyhole into mystery'!

Susan, thanks so very much, a treat to have you!