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The sun was shining, the sky a clear blue, the night's slight frost gone, and we were tempted outdoors for a walk to the park. In this natural woodland park by the sea we spotted some human touches in recognition of the season: a Christmas wreath on a memorial bench which for years has always been kept up with a fresh seasonal display, and a young tree beside the path with shiny Christmas balls put up by some generous soul. Smiles from those touches of seasonal whimsy, smiles from the glorious day, so special in its rarity in our rainy season.



Last night we put up and decorated our own simple Scandinavian Christmas tree. I love the scent and the colours of green, red, straw and the white of the sparkling lights. It is slowly feeling more and more like Christmas.

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Marja-Leena | 18/12/2010 | 7 comments
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lovely surprises on your walk!

Surprising indeed! Bravo to those walkers who shared their holiday spirit with the vegetation.

Have a very happy holiday, Marja-Leena.

We had a very pretty day long snowfall a few days ago but only what fell on the grass is left. Now I'm wishing I'd taken Christmas ornaments with me for our long walk in Point Pleasant Park yesterday. You photos of the decorated forest tree is wonderful as is the wreath.

Taina, yes, it was a delight to see these.

Natalie, yes, I thought the same. And thanks for the wishes, the same to you!

Susan, I look at the weather map of all of Canada and I'm amazed how much of the Maritimes is still fairly warm for this time of year. Hope you get a white Christmas (or maybe not, hmm?). Take some decorations the next time... maybe I will too. I wish I'd saved those old ones that I gave away to charity a few years ago just for this.

Lovely. Could you put up a picture of your tree?
We are cutting the top off our Norfolk pine and decorating it with straw Scandanavian ornaments and small colored lights. Hope it will be nicer than last year's disaster tree!

My husband kept a daily weather map of Halifax running on his computer for nearly two years to mostly to keep me comfortable about the winters here not being so much different than the ones we'd had in Portland. The major winter footwear here is rubberized :-) Apparently Spring storms are the ones to look out for but I'll keep you posted.

The Christmas my son first started walking we put the tree in a playpen and let him run around. That was a lot of fun.

Hattie, I'm sure your tree will be lovely this time! We have a potted Norfolk Pine that we sometimes bring into the family tree and decorate simply, as a second tree, but decided not to this year. I'll try to get a photo of the main one...

Susan, I'm surprised, I didn't know that, though it would make sense being next to the sea. Love the image of your little boy running around the tree in a playpen, heh!