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Some days we just have to take it one step at a time
Slowing down, remembering, empathizing

Grieving the loss of a dear friend
Grieving with his wife and their sons
Grieving loss of her mother only two days before

Marja-Leena | 22/09/2006 | 11 comments
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Life is just so exciting sometimes, we forget that it is finite for each of us and for our loved ones.


Sorry for your loss.

Omega, yes - times like this do make us pause and think about the finite. I also find myself remembering past losses of loved ones.

Argos, thank you! Pleased to meet another art blogger - I had a peek at your site and will visit again.

Some day
we all have
to do

Scuffed phrase? Let's try to fix it:

Some day


Hei Juhani! Hauska tavata! Thank you for your very short poem! And I'm happy to meet another Finn and a poet. I'm not a poet, I prefer the language of images, but sometimes a few short words can say a lot.

all i could do
was feel

feel like i needed to honour him

somehow i knew he was listening
knowing that he would not be forgotten

while mourning i told someone who did not know him
who he was to us, who he was to his family,
who he loved (his wife and sons, the center of his universe)
what he loved (oh he loved his cars so much!)
and how his strong will to live helped others fight
the same battle

he won
though it claimed him in the end,
he won

for us all.

goodbye, old friend. we'll see you soon.

Oh Erika, this is so beautiful, thank you. It's made me cry again.

it made me cry, too.

Beautiful words like that are the best of tributes. My sympathies to you and your family.

Anna, thank you.

MB, thanks for dropping by.