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June is often a cool wet month here on the Pacific Coast but this year it seems worse than usual, and has been cheekily renamed in the media as Junuary! Frustrated at being unable to garden, today I decided to tackle some more of the rolls of drawings from decades ago. As before, I took photos of some and proceeded to tear up the rest for composting. Beguiled by the images of the torn paper - what lovely edges - I turned my camera on these. I'm quite excited how these turned out.

Marja-Leena | 07/06/2012 | 13 comments
themes: Drawings, Photoworks, Textures


It takes good quality paper to tear so nicely. The pictures are nice but I do hope there were no treasures in among the torn sheets.

You do find (and point out to us) the beauty in these "found" things. Thanks!

High quality torn paper showing the texture in the tears is a good idea especially the sheets where the charcoal lines show up. Lots to explore here. First time round I read tears as in those we weep.

We too are having a cold, wet and windy June.

I really liked these photos. The top one is very cool, a cascade of a paper.
Yes, cousins Bettie and Jerry just came back to Vancouver from their winter stay in Mexico and are feeling very depressed by the bad weather.
But in my recollection, it doesn't get to be real summer that you can count on until after July 4, unless it's one of those no summer summers like you had last year.
Hoping things warm up for you soon!!!

Number one is my favorite. Oddly, what ran through my mind was a Chihuly installation. Maybe one of these with the loose vessels:

Must've been the bowl-like shape and the sense of stacking and profusion in the first one...

Noted that you will "tear up the rest for composting." Have you tried unearthing some later to see what had happened? Recall an artist who did that with fiber pieces.