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Another peek at what has been happening in the studio with some of the ink drawings....

Marja-Leena | 12/06/2012 | 11 comments
themes: Drawings, Photoworks, Textures


Fascinating the way your mind works. At first I looked at the paper tears and thought, she's integrating her earlier work with this new idea. And then I realized you were tearing up the old sketches!
I get more and more inspired by what you do.

I've torn up a few paintings myself; now I wish I'd taken pictures of the remains.

Make a collage, Marja-Leena! Or maybe that's what you're really doing, photographically. I've been intrigued at how different some of my work looks when I photograph it, and then turn, manipulate, zoom in or crop it. I think it's a great tool for re-visualizing and shaking up one's own view of even the most familiar work.

Beth beat me to it!

I was going to say collage them--I was looking at them and thinking of the strange, wild way that my friend Mary Bullington (Roanoke, VA) works with her collages, layering and painting and sometimes printing them when the collage has lots of texture then and painting them again...

Her collage studio is littered with scraps of paintings and stiff little shards and splats of paints. Anyway, my mind immediately jumped to her when I saw your pictures of torn work.

I'm sure yours wouldn't look a bit like hers, as you're both so distinctive, but I'd be interested to see what they *would* look like!

I detect a glimmer of sepia in among the black and the blue ... looking back at your first paper tear post, I noticed the edges, the fibers fraying, and in this one I notice rolls of motion and waves of time.

I love what you're doing here, the making something new from something old, the double meaning of tears...