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fallen, dry and rustling to the touch

...serendipitously inspired by Jean's post

Marja-Leena | 10/07/2010 | 12 comments
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It may have been dry and rustling, but here it looks soft and maybe rustling like a silk gown.

Maria, isn't it interesting how a tiny dry flower can be transformed when scanned larger. Like into a silk gown.. .yes!

This reminds me of Georgia O´Keeffe.. Beautiful!
ps. about the heat: we also have hot, +30 celcius, here in Finland right now -believe or not- but humidity is not high though:)

A beautiful thing, that dry blossom.

The heat didn't last long, did it? This morning is chilly and gray.

Leena, thanks for seeing the O'Keeffe resemblance! Yes, I've been reading about Finland's most unusual heat wave. Keep cool!

Fire Bird, thanks!

Anne, thanks. It's certainly cooled down here (thankfully!) with lots of wind including some powerful gusts. Some clouds moving about around the horizon but it's sunny here this morning. A brief respite, no doubt.

Sensual even in its fading, it echoes the promise of eternal beauty.

Susan, how beautifully said! The dried flower is beside me on the desk and looking unchanged from the day it fell and I picked it up. Was it the heat that day that made it dry quickly and thus preserve it? Usually flowers tend to kind of wilt and rot rather than dry, I think.

My friend at work dried three pink roses she was given for her birthday last September. She simply hung them upside down for a couple of weeks and fluffed the petals open now and again. in their own way they're prettier now than they were when she got them.

Susan, you're right, roses and some other flower can dry nicely and I've done some myself. I was just thinking of the flowers that fall of a plant when finished....

So beautiful then more as one link led to another and stepping through a mirror of unfolding tissue-like flowery images.

Naomi, thank you, glad you enjoyed this.