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Paris: details #2

Some time ago already I had finished the posts about our London and UK portion of our spring trip. Since then I've been trying to find time to get back to writing about our week in Paris before this year is out. This online travel journal is a great place for me to gather together my impressions and images of this fabulous trip so I'm delighted that readers are also enjoying it. Oh, where's my travel diary? For now, just a few photos...








Marja-Leena | 29/09/2009 | 6 comments
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Based on what you've already shown us I'd say London's way ahead of Paris in drain covers. The second one is a real cheapo and seems hardly capable of lasting out a century. Whereas ours are millennium-proof. On the other hand the wall rings are certainly built to last. Say: London 5, Paris 2.

BB, heh, who's counting!? I just realized as I gathered these photos for this post that I didn't take many of these kind in Paris - too much to see up high here methinks, like gargoyles, lions and other wild creatures!

The round shapes remind me of pint glasses, which are best filled with porter (point for London). But the bit of rust calls to mind beef burgundy (point for Paris). I admit that I am reading this before suppertime, so my interpretations may be coloured by this fact.

R, pint glasses of porter and beef burgundy? Okaaay.... :-)

I tended to look up in Paris, mostly, and even more so in Rome. But I was happy to spot the center of the French universe in the pavement in front of Notre Dame!

Hattie, we walked around Notre Dame several times for it was close to our apartment. Didn't get any shots of what was underfoot though, being busy looking up high at the wonderful sculptures (photos coming later). Wouldn't it have been fun to have been there at the same time?!