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Paris: details #3











Sculptures everywhere in Paris,
an abundance of art in everyday life,
feasts for the eyes and the soul...

Marja-Leena | 01/10/2009 | 17 comments
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Only the androgynous one at the bottom appears to be having fun, the rest seem acutely gloomy. Four more years of Sarkozy - Duh! Paris can be hard city.

BB, maybe cherubs are happier because they are innocent of world problems? Seeing all this art made me happy too.

What fabulous photos!

Hattie, thanks! The Paris photos were taken by both of us and I'm not always sure which anymore.

I like the top bronze one best I think. Cherubs often creep me out a bit! Also the rings in the last post.

Such a beautiful city, and the Parisians take such care with all the little details of presentation! You can't look anywhere without finding something extraordinary. But then, I was there in early May, which couldn't be lovelier. Looks like you enjoyed your visit.

When darkness falls on Paris, and nobody is looking, I wonder if they stretch and wink and yawn.

When I am old and doddery I'd like to live in Paris and walk in the squares with a poodle on a lead....

Meanwhile I spent this evening helping a chef from a local hotel round up his rare breed pigs, aided and abetted by three un-zen Tibetan terriers

But did you hear about Bluehenge?

Lucy, now you have me wondering why cherubs creep you out.

Leslee, I didn't know you were there in May! We might almost have crossed paths as we were there May 14th-21st. I know you've been before while this was our first. Amazing place!

R, now that's a great picture you've painted, love it!

Mouse, then your terriers are pig dogs (like sheep dogs) - sounds like it was fun! No, I hadn't heard of Bluehenge, just looked it up - and wow, thanks for the tip!

I'm not keen on cherubs either, cant explain it...

Rosie, you too? I can't say they are a passion of mine, but I see them as something so common in Europe since the Renaissance. The Rococo painted cherubs and angels on ornate ceilings and walls are too saccharine for my taste but I admire these street sculptures for their craftmanship and because it's all so different from home... and that's what makes travel so interesting, eh.

I remember the faces and statues in Vienna, Austria. I've never seen a place so overwhelming with statues. I've never been to Paris to compare but Vienna makes you claustrophic from carved things.

Taina, how interesting. I seem to recall some people saying they found Vienna oppressive and dark, not sure why, if all those statues contributed. I think I'll have to see for myself some day.

I have a small gilded lion's head from the Buckingham Palace gate. I touched it with a timid child's finger because it was beautiful and when it fell I caught it, transfixed and terrified that the Guards would take me away. My uncle saw what happened and wrapped it up in his raincoat.

Susan, that's amazing! Did you take it home and do you still have it?

Yes, I still have it. One of these days I'll remember to take it out of its wrappings for a photo. Maybe I'm still a bit worried about doing time in the Tower :-)

Susan, ooh, I can just imagine one of your lovely stories with the lion's head as an illustration - hint, hint.