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... as in passionflower or passiflora! Such a sweet scent too. From a little play break with the scanner in the midst of a busy day in home and garden.

You may like to revisit the macro photos taken in 2010.

Marja-Leena | 26/06/2012 | 9 comments
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What a nice surprise. My mother grew passion flowers in her sun room and I loved to watch them pop open. It's a wonderful scan.

What a lovely flower! You really know how to bring out its beauty. I'm feeling guilty, because I just ripped away a passion flower vine (we call them lilikoi here);it was growing up into my fig tree. We had lilikoi for a while in the backyard, too, but it was overgrowing everything. I may try planting it again and keeping a better eye on it.
That's life in the jungle!
Looking back over the work I have missed and enjoying that, too.
My daughter has found perfect spots for two of the photos of yours and they look very nice. I'll take a camera over and get some pix.

Lovely maypop! I do love them--there are passion flowers in my new book, in a scene and in a memory inside that scene.

I've never seen a flower like this! The mix of colours is startlingly beautiful. It looks as though it is glowing in the dark.

Seems to me that in my Georgia summers we called both the fruit and the plant "maypop." I doubt that it's served. There's a scene in "A Death in the White Camellia Orphanage" where Pip is given a passion flower, and he remembers something forgotten from early childhood. It's just a tiny bit of a scene.