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thinking about patterns and textures as fragments,
as possibilities for layering with other objects,
.... still a work in progress

Marja-Leena | 12/10/2011 | 10 comments
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interesting what you're finding around the house. i've been thinking about weaving some more. x

I'm amazed at the presence of color as well as texture in these photos.
I have not seen much Greek weaving before, but the patterns remind me both of Southwest Indian patterns and Kelims.

Elisa, have you access to some kind of loom? I think in another life I would have been a weaver, like so many women going back several generations in my family.

Hattie, the bottom two images are from a Greek weaving which my mother received once as a gift. The top one is Finnish, a hand-me-down from an old Finnish friend. I'm often amazed at the similarities in weaving designs across many ethnic groups.

Why do I see fish in motion?

rouchswalwe, yes, why is that?

There's something very relaxing about looking at old handwoven pieces. Had I ever settled down permanently somewhere I'd likely have kept up with the craft too. Your scans of these are lovely.

the top one has to be borrowed from a Ukrainian pattern as I've in my possesseion some hand woven table cloths that mirror this red and white pattern. However, I will scrutinize the ones I have to see how they actually differ. Eyes do deceive.

Susan, a weaving studio does need space, doesn't it? Glad you enjoyed these.

Taina, yes, I see the resemblance to Ukrainian. I'd be interested in what you learn.

I thought that the bottom two patterns looked very familiar. At present all my pieces like that are boxed up in the attic. It is sad to think that work which took so long to develop and make is now of diminishing use. All those goods which were prepared for a girl's wedding no longer valued and decreasingly treasured - unless perhaps splattered with paint and arranged in an ironic installation. Hey ho.

Olga, yes, you would recognize the Greek pattern. It is indeed sad if they are no longer used and loved. My mother had this Greek one on the wall but now I keep it on a table in the living room. I have a lot of Finnish weavings on walls and one on the piano, as well as tablecloths and runners, so most are in use at times.