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Here are some more sand patterns, taken in quite different light conditions compared to the previous set. All except the last two here were created by tidal action. The second to last shows some evidence of human mark making and the last may have been done by a small human and a dog.

Marja-Leena | 05/06/2010 | 8 comments
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I like these too particularly the last that almost looks like the face of a gargoyle with its mouth wide open.

So far as things stand geologically right now we're not too likely to have the kinds of flooding like happened post Ice Age. Ice that's on water (North Pole) won't cause flooding; only melting ice on land does that so all we really have to worry about is Greenland and the South pole. I suppose that's worry enough.

Susan, once again, I find it so very intriguing what others see in my photos! Okay, so I'll not worry about another biblical flood just yet :-)

I often look at marks in sand and wonder what made them. I must learn to look at them and wonder at their beauty as well.

Some have the texture of skin, living tissue. Beautiful.

I can't help but see these beach shots in connection to the Nevada Rock Art shots. There is a sort of interplay, I think.

Anne, for me these marks made by nature also relate to and inspire the mark-making by humans, such as in drawings, the deeper marks in etchings and other forms of printmaking and even ancient petroglyphs.

Joe, 'texture of skin'. oh yes! And texture is another deep attraction for me as an artist.

R, yes! Nature made and human made marks are not so far apart, are they?!

The previous twilighty ones are perhaps more beautiful, but these are intriguing, especially the last - I can imagine the child digging and watching the tide fill the little pool, and the dog scratching excitedly, wanting to join it!

Lucy, glad you like. Actually I think these ones are more beautiful in the traditional sense of colour for example, while the former are more dramatic, dark, mysterious.