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Life is happily busy with family. As you probably know, our 'English' family arrived over two weeks ago. Yesterday our eldest daughter arrived for a weekend visit from where she lives about five hours away by car, so all our 'girls' are here: three daughters and two granddaughters. I am at home alone for a couple of hours while everyone has gone over to see youngest daughter's just-acquired and being-fixed-up apartment and to get groceries. I'm enjoying a much needed pause and breather and do a quick read of blogs and a short post. I try to work in the garden on our rare dry days, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. No gardening today, it is raining again. Added to the list are some garden renovations along some sections of the property line shared with our new neighbours whose new fence/wall and house construction continues. Home renovations and reorganization continue so not much time for art!

Tomorrow is Father's Day! (Miss you, Isä!) May it be a happy Day for all!

Marja-Leena | 16/06/2012 | 6 comments
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What a beautiful photograph of your lilies in full sunlight. I hear you saying that's been a rare treat for them lately and understand why in those circumstances you try to get as much done in the garden as you can.

It's good to know all the girls are there with you and with their dad as well. It should be a fine Father's Day tomorrow. Relax while you can.

Yes, it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with it all at this time of year. Rain seems to be a constant everywhere, a rare dry day today and I've spent the morning clearing and weeding and barely scratched the surface, though at least the front and side of the house looks a bit tidier. I promised myself an afternoon's drawing but wonder if I shouldn't be digging in compost and planting pumpkins while I may...

Anyway, one or the other, I'd best go. Enjoy your family!


Enjoy your delicious visits with family! I'm expecting to see the two girls with their bumbershoots...