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this dried peace lily blossom made a nice subject for another scan study, so delicate yet so strong

Marja-Leena | 09/09/2011 | 10 comments
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Oh lovely, lovely. It somehow puts me in mind of a portrait by Ingres.

So beautiful, Marja-Leena! And I know what Jean means.

After my father died I was given a pot of mixed small green plants. The little peace lily was the only one who made the transition to adulthood and I can verify just how sturdy yet beautiful they are. I was especially sad to say good-bye to that one when I gave my plants away. Your elegant scan is a lovely reminder.

Jean, how fascinating that you think of Ingres. Thank you.

Beth, I'm so pleased that you like this.

Susan, I love your story of your peace lily. Too bad you couldn't at least have taken a cutting with you. I do that often when a plant gets too old or too big for its home. I can remember the histories of many of them, having some that I first got over 40 years ago.

zhoen, thank you.

So that is what that is called. I didn't know. Lovely shape and colors.

Like the faintly puckered quality of the second. Like fabric.

I am afraid that I must be childish because I did not think of Ingres but of Eric Carle and the hungry, hungry caterpillar and his final search for a nice green leaf.

Hattie, there are several varieties too. This flower was actually white but when it faded it turned green rather than brown this time. The scanner made the green even more vibrant, almost alive, eh.

Marly, not childish at all, just your usual fascination with fairytale-like images! And how many times have I read that book to my children and grandchildren!? By the by, one of the most popular searches on my blog is "big, green caterpillar". Now you've just added to that, hee.

Hah, hah! Long may searches for the hungry, hungry caterpillar find your work!

Marly, seriously, I once wrote a post about a big green caterpillar! It's quite amusing what search terms lead here.