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"Sensations are the items of consciousness, a color, a weight, a texture that we tend to think of as simple and single. Perceptions are complex affairs that embrace sensation together with other, associated or revived contents of the mind, including emotions." - Jacques Barzun

I like that! This is from Catherine Jamieson's beautiful photoblog. Her words today resonate with me in how I approach much of my images in my printmaking, in visual terms. I feel and think in images, not words. Words are very elusive, very difficult for me.

Marja-Leena | 14/12/2004 | 2 comments
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Now that's interesting, I'd like to sit inside your head for a bit and know what this thinking in images thing feels like. I'm word-oriented, myself. I was rubbish at shorthand because I could't "see" the words phoenetically, I would use full spelling, eg. putting k before knight. I had hell's bells to break that habit. Wish you would expand on this feature of you sometime.

Hmmm, if only I could find the words....