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photo: Japan exhibition


Perhaps you remember my earlier post about our Art Institute group's print exhibition in Japan? Here is a screen shot of the installation at the B-Gallery in Tokyo. My piece Fragments IV is second from the left. I can hardly wait to hear reports and see more photos from the artists who were present at the exhibition opening!


Congratulations, it looks like an interesting and varied exhibition. Such big clear light spaces containing art fill me with longing...

Oh, how very exciting to see your work hanging in Tokyo! Like seeing one's child off having fun far away, no? It is a beautiful piece. And interesting to see it with other pieces so you can get an idea of how large it is, because it seemed smaller on the blog page with no point of reference. Really lovely.

It looks lovely. I like the grouping in this shot. It is interesting that the prints are hanging unframed rather like the norm for contemporary shows of digital photography these days. Is this the norm now with prints too, or are the prints all digital?

I think it is fascinating when a part of oneself goes out to meet the minds of distant folks and different cultures.

It's such a beautiful piece it would be impossible for me not to recognize it. Yes, your artwork is very lucky to be out there seeing the world and having the world look back at it.

Oh excellent! Thanks for pointing out the earlier exhibition. I'd missed it.