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While organizing this year's photos into albums, I came across these almost forgotten images which instantly transported me to that delightful discovery of a wonderful walk around the creeks and ponds of a local public golf course. A rare and brilliantly sunny day in early March with the warmth on our backs and feasts for our eyes. No golfers and flying golfballs to worry about, just the quiet shared with a few other walkers, groundskeepers and ducks.

Marja-Leena | 27/04/2011 | 7 comments
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Springtime really is the most beautiful season of the year wherever we reside. Golf courses, as you mention, are so much safer without golfers. Was it Twain who said 'Golf is a good walk spoiled'?

Marja-Leena, these are simply wonderful! The depth of the colours are really something. The light must have been just right ... nice effect!

Susan, did Twain really say that? I would agree! Though walking to golf might be a good way to exercise but so many use those cart things. We were there on a weekday morning so it was quiet, but on weekends...?

Rouchswalwe, your comment came in just as I was writing this. Thanks, yes, we were lucky with the light and sunshine.

I have been catching up on your recent posts, and as always am so impressed with the marvelous quality of your photographs and other images. Visiting daughter and other family happenings (plus some minor illness) have kept me away from the computer recently.

I am waiting with great interest to see how your election turns out. We get almost no news of it here, but I keep up on the internet.

Anne, family visits (nice) and illness (not nice) do tend to distract, don't they? Thanks for dropping by and for your always positive comments on my work. Glad to hear you are following our election - which is most distracting for me!

Restful, soothing, reflective images. How did it happen that beautiful landscapes have been captured by a game? Rhetorical, of course. Glad you found these to show here.

Naomi, thanks, glad you enjoyed and also posed the question I always have about that game :-)