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Portrait of a Couple


Veils Suite: Portrait of a Couple
monotype (oil-based inks)
76 x 57 cm.

This was one of the first pieces in the series of monotypes within the Veils Suite series. More here

Marja-Leena | 09/09/2006 | 4 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


At first glance I thought this to be a very sad image. But looking at it for longer it speaks of the complexity of body language, not only to the outside observer, but also between the two figures. Fascinating. I like the colours - which for me add to the ambiguity of the piece. I do like your Veils Suite works very much indeed.

Omega, I really appreciate your always very thoughtful and deep observations about my work! I've hesitated posting this piece because I feel a bit ambiguous about it. Being the first of the series, my uncertain and hesitant start is very obvious to me. This feeling went away as I continued to explore the theme very intensely over a few short months. Yet I do believe that when one works in a series that all the pieces have relevance in showing the development of the idea.

I've long been thinking about getting a separate website for all my art work and just recently decided to go for it. It is hard for people to view the series together in the blog format, isn't it?

Yes, it would be interesting to see each piece of work in its series, especially if that is how you have made and thought of them. I must say though that I also enjoy savouring each one on its own too, so having both blog and website would be ideal.

Thanks, Omega! Now I must encourage my designer to make a start on the website. It may take a while as she has other work to do too. I'm not good at that kind of work myself.