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It's a slow but enriching process to go through rolls of one's old drawings, long ignored, poorly stored and in need of photo documentation. I am finding many from 1982 and 1983, years in which I attended some excellent life-drawing classes as an audit student at a local college - just because I missed and craved it but didn't need the credit. Above are some 'head studies' as they were called. Below are smaller studies in pencil with a note on each: 'perspective head study'. Can you see the faint diagonal lines on the first one below?



Marja-Leena | 09/05/2012 | 6 comments
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More beautiful drawings, Marja-Leena! How nice it is to see this other, earlier side of your work -- and how far you've come from it! Do you feel that this sort of disciplined drawing practice helped you become the artist you are now?

Thanks, Beth! As I mentioned in my comments in an earlier post about drawing, it was my favourite course in art school. Since then I have always appreciated those intensive drawing classes with an excellent artist for laying down the skills to do any kind of art. I'm sure it is also why I fell in love with printmaking in my last year of art school, for etching and drypoints are another form of drawing. So, yes to your question.

They are very lovely drawings and so well detailed they appear to have been rendered from very close up. I particularly like the first one.

Thanks, Susan! I have to do a lot of colour correction with many of the photos, which takes time. It helped that these ones are on more neutral paper, and the two at the bottom even fit on the scanner minus some white space... so much easier to photograph.

Oh, I like these as well. And that interesting reply to Beth Adams.