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Amie Roman: Justice (after Allward), relief print.

As a print artist, naturally from time to time I write about printmaking and about the work of other artists who make prints. (If you are new here, check out the archives under the theme of printmaking.)

For a few months now, I've been reading the blog of a printmaker who happens to live in the same part of this world as I do. Amie Roman is based here on the west coast of British Columbia, working mostly in relief techniques, and writes an interesting blog about her processes and inspirations at Burnishings. Have a look at her lovely work which, she writes, 'reflects upon the natural world and the irony of progress.' I love her crows, and her latest piece above which she has kindly let me put up here.

Amie is doing an amazing amount of work gathering together information for another site that she calls Squidoo - All about Printmaking. Included is a growing list of blogs and sites by artists who are either printmakers or who discuss printmaking.  If you're a printmaker and you're not on this list yet and would like to be, she'd be pleased if you contact her with your link to your site (either a blog or a website).

Congratulations and a big thank you for all your hard work for the printmaking community, Amie. Happy printing!

Marja-Leena | 19/03/2008 | 5 comments
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Thank you for the introduction to the Burnishings blog, and to the Aino sculptures. I'm getting a little overwhelmed by all the input through this glorious medium!

Thanks so much Marja-Leena for such a lovely feature post! :)

Olga, I'm overwhelmed too by the number of artist blogs and websites that have popped up in the last while. I spend far too much time reading online. You write about so much that interests me too and sends me wandering and wondering.

Amie, you are most welcome. We'll have to get together sometime and share our very different processes.

Lots of interesting cultural stuff on these last two posts, ML. And chocolate mousse to boot!

Lucy, thanks, I do try to get out once in a while!