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A while ago, I posted about a printmaking exhibition by several friends at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. Michiko Suzuki, one of the artists, has kindly emailed me that she has put up two videos on YouTube. One is of their exhibition opening. The second shows the installation process and one can see more of their amazing work. The gallery space is fantastic. Congratulations to the artists!

Added later: Michiko has also created a video of her exhibition 'Flicker of Life', shown in the Penticton Art Gallery in 2009. I wrote about it back then with a link to a slide show she had created. Wonderful work!


What a tantalising view of a beautiful looking building, and a fascinating collection of works. I wanted to see so much more of everything there.

I was able to watch a couple of minutes of both videos last evening but I'm having a hard time in the heat we're still having to keep the laptop anywhere near me for longer than a few minutes. The show did look wonderful and I promise to watch more when I can.

I hope you're enjoying good weather.


I have been a bit confused with the idea on "print making". It is starting to be called that here too. I guess it was called multimedia before, and especially in the start of computer art and video art.

Still it seems to me that print making could also include the traditional technics, which was most commonly called Graphic art.

I have seen lot of the new photography in many galleries, we have one in Vaasa called Ibis, but there are many pictures shown that are more in-between of classifications.

In actual visual sense it doesn't matter: good art always remains. Technique is just seeming to be overpowering these days.

I hope you get this exhibition to Vancouver as well. Expensive it is, but it would pay to make the show to travel now that it has been put together.

It's a bit cooler here this evening so I came back to view the videos you'd linked to in your post. I especially enjoyed watching the setup of this really excellent show of printwork. Now I can understand just how varied are the works both in execution and sheer size. Visiting your blog regularly and seeing some of your wonderful pieces in process has been a great education for me.

Beautiful work. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it.

I knew you had no work in this particular show (enjoyed the pictures of the last) - just meant in general.