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Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, Kekri or Samhain or whatever version of an ancient pagan ritual you may partake in this evening. If you prefer a spookier image than these jolly pumpkins, see this favourite of mine from a year ago! Watch all that sugar or you'll rot your teeth, my lovelies!

Marja-Leena | 31/10/2010 | 8 comments
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Happy Halloween, Marja-Leena! We gave Pumpkin
Ale a shot, but it just wasn't working ... so we broke open a case of Chocolate Bock. That goes nicely with the holiday cuisine. Hope you're not too cold up there ... an icy wind has made its appearance here.

R, hope your Halloween was great, especially with your fabulous sounding Chocolate Bock! Some folks up the hill behind us put on fabulous fireworks which we enjoyed watching from the comfort of home. Not too cold here, just a wee bit drizzly this evening.

Hi Marja-Leena; Thank you for the sunny, colourful picture! Here in Finland we have the darkest time of the year right now. Darkness in November-December is more difficult to survive than the coldness in January-February.
Hope you had a happy halloween!

Marja-Leena, we're trying to revive Kekri-tradition here in Finland. As most of the immigrants probably remember, this All Saint's Day week was the annual recruiting week when farmworkers had their salary and were on the work market maybe for a better salary,

The day and last week and/or this week has been important for farm workers elsewhere in Europe too.

There are dress-dramas performed different places in country. But of course we don't have no pumkins, hardly.

Work markets these days, the real ones, are a bit down.

Your lovely pumpkin picture reminded me of a video a friend sent a few days ago. You may like it too. Happy Autumn and all best wishes for the cold weather celebrations to come.

gorgeous gourds! oh, we had pumpkins to carve, but life is so hectic with preparing to move to the country, we never had time. we'll just have to eat them in a pie. not a bad way to go, for a pumpkin, though i'm sure they would have liked to have a little hallow's eve glory beforehand. perhaps i should save them for guy fawkes? x

Leena, thanks, our Halloween was quiet but enjoyable with the fireworks I already mentioned. I empathize with your feelings about the darkness this time of year! When the snow comes it will be brighter. Here, we get dark days when it rains, and November is usually our wettest month. Snow is rare but I love it for its brightness.

Ripsa, that's interesting, I didn't know this. Unemployment seems to be a problem in many areas...

Susan, great video thanks - now that is playing with one's food!!

Elisa, well, you do what you can, right? You weren't even home, were you? Erika carved a tiny pumpkin yesterday, a sugar pumpkin which will make a nice little pie, unlike those monsters that are full of water and no flavour. I still have some in the freezer from last year's. Remember the pumpkin bread I used to make every fall after Halloween? You must all be so excited to be moving to the country.

we're traveling right now, no doubt our street threw a hallowe'en to rival north american ones while we were away, like they did last year.

yes, the pumpkin bread may have to follow the pumpkin pie!

we are tremendously excited and a little nervous too! time to pack things up. x