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After a week of sunny frosty weather, followed by a much too short-lived overnight snow, it's been rain, rain and more rain with gloomy dark days calling for lights indoors. I keep my 'daylight' lamp on next to me in the hopes of lessening symptoms of SAD.

In a brief moment between showers yesterday, we were tempted into a walk to the park, only to be caught in the rain again. Thank goodness for umbrellas. Seeing the lush thick green moss growing high up tree trunks, interspersed with ferns reminded us of the beauty of our rain forest climate. Even the rocks were green with moss.

What a contrast to the dry tan and white scenery that we enjoyed over Christmas in the interior of BC. Each its own beauty.

Marja-Leena | 16/01/2011 | 8 comments
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I love that boulder!

The woods behind our place in Portland actually fluoresced all winter so I know what you mean. It's colder here and there's some snow on the ground but we're having many more clear and sunny days than I've been used to in winter.

That boulder looks like the continents and islands of another world.

Dave, it is handsome, isn't it?

Susan, Portland and Vancouver have similar weather, I know. Our lawn is green with moss as are some rocks in the garden. You are fortunate to have such a pleasant winter so far! Yes, the boulder does look like a world globe and I'm suddenly reminded of another one.

That one was magnificent and I can understand why you wanted to bring it home with you. It probably had its own ideas about where it needed to be.

Ah yes, you do get something of beauty in return for all your rain! We haven't seen green that isn't evergreen in a long time here, covered as we are in white (well, increasingly dirty white I'm afraid).

Susan, yes indeed!

Leslee, snow in the city does get dirty unfortunately, though it's so pretty when fresh and white. I'm giving up hope for it now for I've noticed that some of the snowdrops and early crocuses are peaking out - spring is coming!

i'm never homesick for the rain, i never get a chance to be! x

Elisa, no, I don't imagine you are missing rain living in England! Do you see much moss and ferns there?