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For today, two more extended figure studies from that roll from 1982-83. I think my quicker ones feel livelier and fresher, though of course these figures are not in a lively position. More time sometimes leads to overworked and/or stiff drawings for me. Interesting to look at these with different and more critical eyes.

Speaking of which, I found a watercolour I had done at the age of 17, in grade 11 art class with Miss Hunt. A label on the back indicated it was sent to The Royal Drawing Society's Exhibition-Competition in England. A sticker on the left front corner says 'highly commended'. I think it is awful work!

Marja-Leena | 11/05/2012 | 9 comments
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I liked a lot of those drawings. Relaxed.

I was quite amused to find out that in our nude drawing class that started around Saturday noon, many models simply fell asleep. Time had a lot to do with it, and also that most of the models were students, who obviously had slept too little night before.

If we had a particularly sleepy person, it was difficult to make him/her pose for croquis-drawings. Evening classes were better for them.

I was last night at a exhibition opening, and there was one previously unknown middle age woman, who came to me and said that my husband is a) the best drawer in the city, b) best teacher in the city. No, she was not drunk, neither was I...

My drawing, taking a class happened something like 5-6 yrs ago, and also earlier maybe 10 yrs ago, in a course for nude drawing. Now that there is no money for nothing, the nude drawing course doesn't seem to come back. This country is kaput, almost. Well, compared to Russia, maybe not quite yet.

These days I am doing little scetches of landscape, my hands, the cat. I am curious how to find the shades of light, now as the summer is approaching, and light. It's very cold though, outside.

Color is still waiting. Feels like there is too much of color in Spring, so I let that to wait.

But. When kids go to art schools, there is to my opinion far too little of basic teaching, like nude model drawing, composition teaching, color theory, all that. As if some modernist or post modernist art work would just be born in a vacuum.

In a photography class I took many years ago, we had a nude model. I guess photography is different as he kept moving around so he couldn't fall asleep, even if he wanted to!
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They're both very well done studies and I can see you got well beyond the basics of figure drawing.

I never fell asleep once :-)

Hey, we want to see the watercolor! It must have showed promise! No doubt I'd feel the same way about my early work (hence I threw it all away--something I rather regret now.)