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With these, my favourite colours, even year round,
I wish you the many pleasures of the holiday preparations.
May it be a stress-free time.

Marja-Leena | 16/12/2010 | 8 comments
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Marja-Leena: Bettie Scheffer and her family are here with us this Christmas and enjoying the warm weather. She and I send you warm wishes for the holiday!

I start my preparing by walking today to the library. I will get books rucksack full and that's enough.

There is one Christmas elf, the true Finnish kind, on top of the TV, which is mostly closed. But then there are a lot of candles giving a good twilight light for the darkest time. Our location:
63°6'1" N
21°37'37" E

And then everybody who wants can Google that and see the pictures of kaamos, the true dark time.

Nice contrast, Marja-Leena. The first makes me feel an indoor coziness and the second crisp winter air. I have yet to feel the sights and scents of this time of year. Sometimes I can't help but think that a child's heart is needed.

Very beautiful images of true magic. I wish you well and all peace and harmony.

Hattie and Bettie, thank you for the holiday wishes! Wishing you a wonderful family Christmas in lovely and warm Hawaii.

Ripsa, you are on the right track with books and candles. I'm delaying going to the library until I've done preparing, or I will get sidetracked. Though we don't have "kaamos" or winter twilight here, it can get awfully dark with our rainy weather so we do take great pleasure in all the little Christmas lights, candles and a fire in the fireplace.

R, thanks. I agree that we need a a child's perspective on Christmas! I try with looking at Christmas sites, many of which I've linked to in old posts. Here's one that I'm currently enjoying: Christmas in Santa's home in Lapland. Having children around is good too, I'm missing our granddaughters! I hope you find that spark!

Susan, thank you for your ever faithful and lovely comments. Warmest wishes for the same to you! Have you snow in Halifax yet?

lovely, we are missing your poinsettias and cosy decorations being here. and the benefits of having more than one person baking in a house! we have enough snow to have christmas spirit, but the children haven't recovered from flu enough to give anyone much perspective, i'm afraid. hopefully soon! x

Happy holidays to you too!

Julia! Thanks so much and the same to you and your lovely family! Is Prague snowed in like so much of Europe?

Elisa, so sorry that the girls are so ill at this time when they could be helping with decorating and baking. You will be interested to know that the evergreen in this photo is your live potted Christmas tree. We set it on the back deck by the patio doors and put white lights on it which we enjoy from indoors while it takes away that 'black mirror' look of winter.