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the amazing beauty of colour and design in a simple root vegetable

(thanks, Erika, for saving this for me to scan!)

Marja-Leena | 10/12/2010 | 11 comments
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Amazing and beautiful! Have a nice weekend, Marja-Leena:)

I don't do it quite so often now but when I was young I'd always marvel at the insides of vegetables as I was preparing them. They are an epitome of mystery.

Seems to be burning with a light within - gorgeous!

That is pretty and the colors are perfect. Too bad you can't put ink on it and use that as part of your prints.

Leena, same to you!

Susan, yes, and nowadays I love to see deeper into the insides of vegetables thanks to technology.

Martha, thanks, I'm quite surprised at that.

Cathy, like a potato print? Might work if I were to carve a design into it, but it wouldn't look like this photo.

this looks like a luminescent beet! Gorgeous and stained-glass like!

Beautiful (as are all your latest photos...), it makes me think of a jellyfish, or other photoluminescnent life.

Beautiful! It would be interesting to see a series of scanned cross sections. Perhaps I shall dig one up from the garden and try it some day. I was noticing today that the frosted hard bits of the beetroot were interestingly dark.

Taina and Lucy, yes that luminescence really surprised me. I continue to be thrilled with my scanner projects.

Olga, I have been doing vegetable and other plant scans for quite some now so there's enough to call a series, and now I've been wondering about printing them.

It reminds me of a nebula, Orion perhaps, or no, the inside of the digestive tract, or an alien embryo...
Aren't the most wonderful works of art to be found in nature???

Julie, so good to see you here! You certainly see some interesting things, and now I see them too. Yes, nature has amazing art works.