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- a beautiful, brilliantly sunny, very cold day


Marja-Leena | 28/11/2006 | 5 comments
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It looks like you've been having fun photographing in the snow! These are some very intriguing images. Thanks for sharing them.

Lucky you. It's in the fifties (Fahrenheit) here.

MB, yes, this weather has inspired the shutterbug in me. This morning I was up at a higher elevation and was astounded by how much more snow there was, clinging to the trees so beautifully, a real wineter wonderland. I wished I'd had the camera with me.

Dave, are you jealous? Heh.

Stunning photography!
(I'm here via MB's site where I saw your comment.)
I enjoy taking photographs, too, although I'm redoing my site so only some writing is up right now.
I will enjoy looking around here and will be back.

GEL, thanks, I'm happy you like this and hope you enjoy the browse. I peeked at your blog, an intriguing beginning - good luck with it! Will keep checking on your progress.