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remains of last fall




now trimmed above new buds
awaiting spring

Marja-Leena | 18/02/2009 | 10 comments
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Very pretty, what it is?

Cathy, glad you asked! These are the dried paper-like petals of last year's hydrangea. Don't you just love the delicate veining?

That is amazing ... I fell in love with these flowers when I lived in western Japan. But I have never seen the petals dried like this. One could be inspired to write poetry on such lovely parchment!

Could you hear my gasp as your images appeared? Always come to visit when relief needed from news. Thanks once again.

Aren't they wonderful? One of the few things remaining to give some shape and texture at this time of year.

I've loved catching up with your posts; the English Bay pics were stunning and the cabbages were great!

Joe, texture always attracts and excites me!

Rouchswalwe, I think this is a lacecap type, with budlike centre and large petals around the outside. My regular types are not as magnificent. It IS very parchment-like!

Naomi, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

Lucy, of course you would have these in your garden too. I read that you are back from your trip and that it was a joyful one.

These delicate petals are halfway to insect wings. You have an eye!

Yes I do Marja. They would look good tuck into a simple vase.

Amy, I didn't think of wings, wow!

Cathy, I should have done that!