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As most regular readers here know, unusually patterned and weathered rocks are something of an obsession for me. Here are two from a new series of photos that I am working on and very excited about. Details and more photos to come soon....

Marja-Leena | 06/05/2011 | 9 comments
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The pool could be a lake at the top of an extinct volcano. As you know I share your fascination and look forward to more such pictures.

Yikes, sponge rocks! Some of the formations in the top one look like skulls, don't they? The second one seems to have a heart shaped little pool. One of my favorite things is examining tide pools.

Joe, isn't it interesting how scale can be so widely interpreted in some kinds of photos, like these? Glad you share my fascination.

Susan, sponge rocks sounds like a good description for these unusually weathered rocks. They are similar to ones I photographed on Hornby Island a couple of years ago. I agree about the look of skulls... or teeth and bones. The heart shaped tidal pool is intriguing, isn't it?!

island pictures? i had a climbing lesson from my cousin on such rocks, perfect for beginners, they look like fingers have been grabbing at them for years. x

Oh, I just love these!

Elisa, yes, photos from our islands holiday. We got home last night and now have much to catch up on, including sorting through hundreds of photos, mostly rocks :-) so be prepared to be bored by more of the same.

Hattie, glad you like...

Mysterious and beautiful!

I love the rock pictures. And the orchids.

It's a shame about your election. Why can't the left get together? Harper only got about 40% of the vote, so he certainly doesn't represent the mainstream of Canadian voters.

Leena! Kiitos, lisää kuvia tulossa kun vain ennätän koti kiireistä kun aina lomasta kotiin tulee, eikö niin?

Anne, glad you like the photos. Oh yes, the elections, you are absolutley correct that Harper did not get the majority of votes. Our electoral system desperately needs to be made fair.The left is in opposition, the centre is decimated, the right is in rule, and the Green Party too small, but with a fairer system, the numbers would be far different and more balanced. What a mess the Harperites will make. It will take years to restore our country to what took years to put in place, mostly thanks to the left and left of center.