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Eight years ago, when I had an exhibition of my works in a gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, my husband and I decided to deliver my framed works by car and make this journey into a bit of a holiday. One of the highlights of this memorable trip was seeing the Hoodoos near North Battleford, which I've mentioned here a few times before. The other was a visit to the fantastic Royal Tyrrell Museum. It's famous for it's paleontological collection, which I certainly enjoyed, but I was very excited by the fossil collection and snapped a lot of photos of these.


Being in glass cases with low light, not all the photographs turned out well. Here are a few of my favourites. Like the hoodoos, some of these images became incorporated in several of my prints.


This one was used in Paths XII and Paths XIII/Nexus and others.


This one appeared in several pieces including Nexus V, Nexus VII and Nexus/Blue II and III
See what happens when I go through old photographs!

Marja-Leena | 21/09/2007 | 6 comments
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Fossils are inspiring! To look at a fossil, is to dive into a time machine and store the thoughts of past centuries into your mind.

Upeita kuvia, jollain lailla käsittämättömiä.

Hi SusuPetal - Time machines -yes! That's why i'm fascinated by fossils, and petroglyps and pictographs and weathered rock formations. They are also beautiful, nature's own art works, aren't they?!

Hei Tuima, kiitos! Ajattomia ihmeellisiä luonnon teoksia, eikö niin?!

Upeita, erilaisia kuvia.

Wonderful - the last one looks kind of creepy though!

Kiitos Hilkka! Sinulla taas on hauskat kivet.

Lucy, thanks. I guess some life forms do look creepy, eh.