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looking through some photos I took around the studio last spring...

Marja-Leena | 09/07/2006 | 7 comments
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Who knew rust could speak so eloquently?

Hei Marja-Leena...
Dropped by your site before cuttin some ZZZZZ. Looks like you've some repairs ahead. A touch of elbow grease, some TLC, wire brush and a spraycan of anti rust paint will show off some more of your hidden talents. BTW-The expanded metal mesh reminds me the reinforcment inside my old girlfriend 'Dinny.' If they only knew eh!!!

Patry - yes, it's amazing what beauty there is even in something perceived as being ugly or undesirable.

Hei Roger, this photo is of a corner of a custom made work table for another artist in our studio. Her process requires her to use a blowtorch on her copper plate, so the open metal grid top is a nice safe place to work on. No one is worried about the rust obviously! I'm not sure but I think the grid is heavier than the reinforcement mesh you are talking about.

I was struck by the colours of rust, old paint and the grid pattern.

Strange that tonight I should be looking at the portraits site and come across Chatoyance where Lori celebrates rust too.

Another bit of serendipity. (I love that word!) Lori's rust photos are amazing!

Hey there y'all -- glad to see more rust spreading! Marja-Leena, thanks for stopping by, and Anna, thanks for the tip o' the rusty cap.

More beauty everywheres...

Hi Lori, Belated thanks for your comment! Nice to share a love for rust, and for art!