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Marja-Leena | 31/08/2010 | 17 comments
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Beautiful colors and textures on the metal; abstraction at its best. Reminds me of Rothko's work, but yours are more interesting to me for the stories they tell.

Thanks Martha and Jean! I've had great fun scanning these pieces of metal (galvanized steel) with their interesting patterns of rust and calcium deposits. I'm hoping to find a way to use these in some of my prints this fall.

These are fascinating. What richness.

Hattie, I'm glad you enjoyed these.

What an eye you have, Marja-Leena! Those are amazing and beautiful. I HAVE to get one of those lenses.

Anne, thanks as always! This time I didn't use my camera and macro lens. The pieces of metal just fit on my scanner so I could get some large and very high resolution images. I'm looking forward to playing with these for some hopefully magnificent large prints.

All is oxide, all is rust...

Really rather splendid!

Lucy - hah, including my body, methinks!

I like the rhytm that starts coming out of those sliding shapes of color.

I have to admit that I've sometimes stopped in some junk yard to look at some old machines or cars or tractors or something, just the shapes what the metal takes when it really starts going apart.

But of course I never happened to have the camera right then.

I've always liked the idea that rust is slow fire.

Ripsa, rusty breaking down metal is a fascinating subject for photography but we sure don't want that junk around the place! Yeah, there are many occasions we wish we had the camera.

Susan, 'rust is slow fire' - I like that!

Oh beautiful rust.

Thanks, Joe and hhb!

What lovely patina.

Bee, thanks for stopping by!