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I think it was about three weeks ago when I was browsing through the Saatchi Gallery site, checking to see what's new and (naturally!) if the link to my site is still there under cultural institutions. I noticed a new feature called "Your Gallery" which allows artists to show their work on their website without charge. What a generous idea! Anyway, I left that to sit in my list of things to do. Other things happened until suddenly I saw an article on CBC a few days ago:

British art mogul Charles Saatchi has launched a special section on his art website allowing undiscovered artists to show their work.

More than 500 artists have posted their work in the "Your Gallery" section of his Saatchi Gallery site.  The site gives collectors and galleries around the world an opportunity to view new talent and buy works directly from the artists.

The advertising magnate said he wanted to offer a way for collectors and artists to save money by cutting out the dealer.

Time to act - I have now put a few images up amongst the many hundreds of other artists! Have a look, and if you are an artist reading this, do join this opportunity for more international exposure!

Speaking of online galleries, I've forgotten to mention IconData - WorldPrints by the Krakow International Print Society. If you search under Canada you will find many Canadian printmakers' works including mine. Isn't the web great?!

Marja-Leena | 02/05/2006 | 8 comments
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Good luck with the Saatchi site - it is an interesting concept, and yes, the internet is a wonder indeed.

We did not have Maypoles in Scotland when I was a child. I think that they are much more an English thing, rather like Morris Dancing.

I have always loved Canadian literature, and I must hunt out a book I acquired when I worked for Oxford University Press in the early 70s - the OUP book of Canadian Short Stories. There are so many brilliant Canadian authors. But I am feeling rather overwhelmed by the size of my 'to read' pile at present that I'm trying not to pursue interesting reading ideas for a while.

I don't read as many books as I'd like to anymore, just not enough time! I have several art books that I've bought, or have been given to me that I've not read yet. Novels have become indulgences when sick. This internet and blogging is partly to blame, but it gives me great pleasure too, especially meeting others around the world!

Hieno idea kerrassaan! Kävin heti tutustumassa Your Gallery -sivuun - siellähän on valtavasti katseltavaa. Ilman blogiasi tämä olisi kenties jäänyt huomaamatta. Olen viime aikoina niin vähän ehtinyt huomioida ulkopuolista maailmaa, kun oma aika on kulunut muutaman näyttelyn parissa.

Tulipa hyvä mieli.

Hei Päivi, Kiva että se antoi hyvän mielen, ja kiva että kävit täällä!

Hyvähän se on että olet näyttelyjen parissa, onnes olkoon!

Thanks for the great link. This highlights the truly wonderful things that can happen on the internet.

Hi Patry, Yes, the world is so much smaller and communication so fast that one easily forgets how it was without computers and the internet, eh?

The Saatchi online gallery is great! I find it completely compulsive, clicking on more and more artists - such variation, maybe I'm about to fine someone who really excites me... it's rather fashionable in the leftish ageing hippy circles I move in to denigrate Saatchi for having more money than taste and Conservative politics. But no one is reducible to a stereotype, and this seems a really enlightened initiative.

Hi Jean! Saatchi certainly has gained a touch of notoriety along with his fame, and he's made the reputation of some of his artists. Yes, this is a great initiative, and as some news report somewhere said, artists may be joining also with some underlying hope that they might be "recognized" by Saatchi himself. Your reaction to the "gallery" is a very positive one!